[mythtv-users] ION boards, 230 vs 330, fans?

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Wed Dec 2 15:28:35 UTC 2009

> I just bought a Zotac board with plans to do something like what you
> have done.  A couple of questions:
> 1. In the case when you used the metal tinbox, what kind of standoffs
> did you use to mount the motherboard?  (I'm worried about shorting
> something out.)  Also, did you consider drilling a bunch of small
> holes in the box rather then a few large ones?  I''m thinking that
> would eliminate the need for the rubber grommets and smaller holes
> would make it even less likely that something would fall in the top.
> 2. It sounds like you eventually abandoned the use of the USB flash
> drive for network booting.
> Any issues with getting network booting working?  What base OS
> distribution are you
> booting (and what OS is hosting the boot environment)?  Any pointers
> to docs would be appreciated.  What is the boot time like for network
> vs. USB flash?  I'm wondering
> about WAF here...
> 3. For the moment, I've decided to put one of my HDHR's in the living
> room so I can use it's
> IR receiver with lirc to control the Zotac frontend.  If I change my
> mind, what USB IR did you use?
> 4. Finally (to the world): Has anybody figured out a way to somehow
> add a firewire port to the Zotac board so I can talk to my cable STB?
> I don't need wireless access so I could try to use the mini-pci
> slot.The only other option, I can think of is some kind of USB to
> Firewire adapter.  I started looking into that, but haven't found
> anything that looks promising for under $50.
> Thanks,
> Bill Bogstad

I highly recommend netbooting a zotac with minimyth. Mine boots in
less than a minute but you really shouldn't worry about that because
these things suspend and resume perfectly. You could just use the
power button on the front to suspend/resume or get a MCE receiver and
wake it up with a remote.

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