[mythtv-users] OT: Winter Hill work 2nd December?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Dec 2 12:55:54 UTC 2009

Mike Holden wrote:

>  > dvbscan just fails with "Unable to query frontend status" which
>>  Google tells me is (or was ?) a common bug. However scan worked and
>>  found the five muxes I expected to be present.
>Did you stop your backend first; maybe that has locked the card? Is 
>your dvbscan package
>up to date?

"scan" worked, "dvbscan" didn't - it's probably as old as the rest of 
the installed packages.

>  > Bug when I go into mythtv-setup and tell it to import channels.conf,
>>  it just says "Timeout Scanning n -- no signal" where n goes from 0 to
>>  4. Ticking the "Ignore timeout" button makes now difference.
>How can you run this if you haven't generated a channels.conf in the 
>previous dvbscan step?

See above. But I've got it working now, by a bit of manual intervention.

I'd previously deleted all entries in the dvb_multiplex table - so I 
re-entered the BBC A mux manually (via PHPMyAdmin). I found I could 
then scan that - using "scan existing transport" and with the ignore 
timeout button ticked. So I copied the record and changed mplexid and 
frequency until I'd got all five defined. The output from scan 
indicates that they are all using the same settings now.

After scanning each on in turn I then had the full channel list.

Well it's been a learning exercise if nothing else :-/

Oh well, three down, one to go in this house - three more in a 
friends house. Their's will be fun - they get enough signal from the 
local repeater to register the presence of a channel, but not enough 
to actually watch it. So I think I'll have to be scanning by 
frequency rather than a full scan, otherwise all the usable channels 
end up starting at 800.

For information, the 5 muxes with anything on are :
BBC A  C62- 801,833,000
Arq A  C61  793,833,000
Arq B  C55  746,000,000
D 3&4  C59  778,000,000
SDN    C58  770,000,000

Interestingly, http://www.ukfree.tv/txdetail.php?a=SD660144 lists 
several other muxes :
BBC B  C54-  That will be the HD mux
NEW8   C56
NEW9   C60
MEN    C57
Be interesting to see what pops up on those - hmm, quick search 
suggests that they may actually only be frequency reservations for 
something totally different (ie not DVB TV).

Simon Hobson

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