[mythtv-users] Can Myth 'tune' these 'free' converter boxes?

Larry K lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 02:13:47 UTC 2009

> Be careful with your HDHR money. There are enough posts here about
> Comcast starting to encrypt everything that they aren't legally
> required to transmit in the clear so that one of these days soon we
> may only get the OTA channels unencrypted and the HDHR wouldn't any
> longer get Comedy Central, TNT, TBS, etc. While I don't like that idea
> at all I must admit that those channels are services I pay for and if
> Comcast chooses to go the direction of making me use their equipment
> to see them - i.e. rent a STB or give them up - then what can I do
> besides rent STBs or not record them?

I agree that unencrypted QAM may not last much longer, so an HDHR may be a
dead end.

> Purchasing a second HDHR is maybe $150.

I only tossed out the HDHR idea because of a slickdeal I just saw for a $90
HDHR at radio shack.

Renting two STBs at $7/month
> is $168 so for the first year it's sort of beak even. Might make sense
> to just live with a few months of STB rental and see how it shakes out
> vs. purchase another HDHR and find that it's worthless 3 months from
> now?
> Personally I don't much care about the picture quality. It's more
> about the convenience....
> Cheers,
> Mark
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