[mythtv-users] OT: Winter Hill work 2nd December?

Justin Hornsby justin0hornsby at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 01:59:53 UTC 2009

Well, for what it's worth as of now (1.55AM) So far the only dvb mux
back up is BBC 'A' on 801833000 khz (aka 802Mhz with a negative
offset) and is *definitely* QAM64 in 8k transmission mode.

So when everything is back on - allegedly by 6am - doing a full scan
(tuned) of this mux *should* pull all the others in.  As far as I know
no channels are moving around in this operation so it might be
possible to stop mythbackend & update your database manually
(dtv_multiplex & channel tables) but I wouldn't bet my marriage on it
working ;-)  Nor would it be a recommended course of action.

Good luck folks!

BTW did anybody actually catch the switchoff event itself? Was it
anything to write home about?


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