[mythtv-users] duplicate detection of multipart movies

Bill Bogstad bogstad at pobox.com
Tue Dec 1 22:30:59 UTC 2009

So SyFy is broadcasting their new Alice mini-series/movie in the next
two weeks.   It is being broadcast (for the most part) as a two part
movie multiple times, but the  title/description is the same for every
broadcast (as far as SchedulesDirect is concerned) so duplicate
detection doesn't work.    If I go look at the program table in mysql,
I can see that there are partnumber, parttotal, first, and last
columns which differ for the different broadcasts.  However, I can't
figure out how to use them for duplicate detection.  I could manually
select a particular showing at a particular time for each part, but
would prefer to have the scheduler select the particular time to
record a particular part so it can deal with potential tuner
conflicts.  Any ideas?

Bill Bogstad

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