[mythtv-users] Adding manual schedule directly to database

Chris Reeves chrisrco_08 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 26 22:27:06 UTC 2009

I did mean actual SMS message.  I don't know about other carriers (I'm on Verizon), but I just have a regular phone (not a blackberry), and if I send an SMS to an email address, it actually gets there.  My idea was to have an address set up, and then run fetchmail on a cron job every 5 minutes or so to check for new mail.  I'd have to limit it to manual schedule just to keep the message syntax simple.

Thanks for the tips though.


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On Sunday 26 April 2009 14:17:19 Chris Reeves wrote:

> For the record, I'm trying to set up a way to text message recordings to my
> mythtv box, so if a way to do this already exists, I'd love to hear about
> that too.

By 'text message" do you mean actual SMS messages from a cell phone? Or do you 
mean text-based CLI over the internet? You can use the telnet interface, 
though it would probably be safer to ssh in and then telnet locally.

You could use telnet safely if you used port knocking, limiting it to a single 
IP or some other security measures, I wouldn't use it generally over the 

Setting up an SMS interface would be difficult, but a lot of phones, like my 
Blackberry, can send straight emails. There are SMS to email gateways out 
there, if you are limited to actual SMS.

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