[mythtv-users] Was " Folding at home, having it start/stop between recordings/jobs??"-- Now renice/ionice help

Bobby Gill bobbygill at rogers.com
Sun Apr 26 07:24:27 UTC 2009

Thanks a ton for the help fellas, just a couple follow-up questions:

1. So I have /etc/rc.d/foldingathome as the daemon, but I see in htop that
it's FahCore_a0.exe actually running. What do I renice? I saw in man renice
that if I don't use "-p" for already running process, the command will be
run with ionice instead, so just a bit confused and don't wanna change
priority of the wrong process.

2. I often transfer recordings to and fro the BE during playback on separate
FE, would ionice enable me to give less priority to transfers while the FE
be goin' so as not to lag playback? If so, which process(es) and/or what
else must I do?

You could just write your cronjob to check to see the current status of
> your encoders and start/stop folding as needed.  Maybe run the check
> every 30 minutes or so.
> wget -qO- localhost:6544 | grep -c "not recording."
> That should return the total number of encoders in use.
> m0t.

That's damn neat! Thanks, good tip.

Thanks a lot
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