[mythtv-users] Getting into HD

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Apr 24 16:54:51 UTC 2009

Ian Forde wrote:
> You're better off running RCA cables to an analog capture card (pvr-150
> or something like it) than using coax.  Better quality - though both
> will work.  
You're better off running firewire, component, or s-video before trying 
composite, although component is only available with the HDPVR on trunk.
> Also, depending upon the cable box you'd get, you may be
> able to use serial, USB, or Firewire channel-changing.  If its possible,
> I'd recommend it over using an IR blaster every time..
I was unaware the USB ports were ever of any use to the end user.  I 
thought they all used custom protocols for maintenance purposes only.

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