[mythtv-users] Changes to 6200ch.c for new DCH3200 (vendor id 2374)

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr. gregorio.gervasio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 16:08:53 UTC 2009

>>>>> Daniel Kristjansson writes:

d> On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 04:53 -0400, Ben Giddings wrote:
>> It did require one change though.  The DCH3200 has a vendor ID that  
>> isn't recognized by 6200ch.  I made a couple of minor changes and now  
>> it works, so I'd like to submit a patch for that.  I also verified at  
>> the IEEE's website and sure enough, the new ID is registered to  
>> Motorola.  Since I don't know how the list treats attachments I'll  
>> just do it inline.  If someone wants it as an attachment, just tell me  
>> where to send it.

d> Where was the list on IEEE's website, I'd like to just insert all the
d> known ones at once...

        I was also looking at this a few days ago.  There's a list here
that seems to be updated regularly:


As far as I can tell, these are the appropriate vendor IDs for Motorola

0x04BD,  // Motorola BCS
0x0B06,  // Motorola BCS
0x0CE5,  // Motorola BCS
0x0E5C,  // Motorola BCS
0x0F9F,  // Motorola BCS
0x111A,  // Motorola BCS
0x1180,  // Motorola BCS
0x11AE,  // Motorola BCS
0x1225,  // Motorola BCS
0x12C9,  // Motorola BCS
0x1371,  // Motorola CHS
0x1404,  // Motorola CHS
0x14E8,  // Motorola CHS
0x152F,  // Motorola CHS
0x159A,  // Motorola CHS
0x1626,  // Motorola CHS
0x16B5,  // Motorola CHS
0x17EE,  // Motorola CHS
0x18C0,  // Motorola CHS
0x195E,  // Motorola CHS
0x19A6,  // Motorola CHS
0x1A66,  // Motorola CHS
0x1AAD,  // Motorola CHS
0x1ADE,  // Motorola CHS
0x1BDD,  // Motorola CHS
0x1C11,  // Motorola CHS
0x1CFB,  // Motorola CHS
0x1E46,  // Motorola CHS
0x1E5A,  // Motorola CHS
0x1FC4,  // Motorola CHS
0x2040,  // Motorola Broadband Communications Sector
0x211E,  // Motorola CHS
0x2143,  // Motorola CHS
0x2180,  // Motorola CHS
0x2210,  // Motorola CHS
0x230B,  // Motorola CHS
0x2374,  // Motorola CHS
0x2375,  // Motorola CHS
0x2395,  // Motorola CHS
0x23A2,  // Motorola CHS
0x23A3,  // Motorola CHS
0x23ED,  // Motorola CHS
0x23EE,  // Motorola CHS
0x24A0,  // Motorola CHS
0x24A1,  // Motorola CHS

I believe all Motorola vendor IDs currently listed in the Myth source
are included above except for this one:


These seem to be the vendor IDs for Scientific Atlanta:

0x0A73,  // Scientific Atlanta
0x0F21,  // Scientific Atlanta, Inc
0x11E6,  // Scientific Atlanta
0x14F8,  // Scientific Atlanta
0x1692,  // Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
0x1868,  // Scientific Atlanta, A Cisco Company
0x1947,  // Scientific Atlanta, A Cisco Company
0x1AC3,  // Scientific-Atlanta, Inc
0x1BD7,  // Scientific Atlanta, A Cisco Company
0x1CEA,  // Scientific-Atlanta, Inc
0x1E6B,  // Scientific Atlanta, A Cisco Company

0x21BE,  // Cisco, Service Provider Video Technology Group
0x223A,  // Scientific Atlanta, Cisco SPVT Group
0x22CE,  // Cisco, Service Provider Video Technology Group
0x23BE,  // Cisco SPVTG
0x252E,  // Cisco SPVTG
Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.
gregorio.gervasio at gmail.com

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