[mythtv-users] What is the status of Hauppauge HD-PVR for Mythtv

John Nissley jnissley at nissley.org
Thu Apr 23 13:54:23 UTC 2009

I am just about ready to get an HD-PVR since it appears that many of the issues have been worked out according to what I am reading in the archives.  I always wait for the complied version so that I can just do a yum upgrade in fedora to install the stable fixes.  Wife and kids get very cranky if things are not working.  I did a version check on my currently running mythtv backend and did not see anything in the "options compiled in" section that would lead me to believe that the HD-PVR support is compiled in.

My question is where I can find out if the HD-PVR is considered stable yet and how to tell if it is included in the build I get from atrpms. If not included I assume I would need to compile my own and if so is it stable enough to make compiling my own an acceptable path to take?

Thanks in advance for the insight.  The information I receive here is always very helpful.
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