[mythtv-users] Increase in recorded file sizes

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Apr 21 10:15:47 UTC 2009

I've noticed, just lately, that the programs I record on BBC1 are coming out 
about 50% bigger than they used to be.

I'm using standard SD Freeview (DVB-T) in the UK.

Normally, ever since I set my myth system up a couple years ago, I've been 
getting a storage rate of about 2.0-2.2Gb/hour, which makes it reasonably 
convenient when calculating disk space, etc. The last couple of weeks I have 
noticed that programs on BBC1 are around 3Gb. BBC2 sizes are somewhere between 
2.0 and 3.0Gb on the samples I've looked at. Other channels (that I've got 
recordings for) seem unaffected.

Ashes to Ashes 1:10 (BBC1) 3Gb
Later with Jools 1:15 (BBC2) 2.9Gb
Primeval 1:10 (ITV1) 2.1Gb
Henry VIII 1:10 (CH4) 2.0Gb

Anyone know whether or not someone has upeed the bit rate (or whatever) without 
me noticing?


Mike Perkins

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