[mythtv-users] Poor HD Playback

Jay Foster jayf0ster at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 20 23:55:37 UTC 2009

> > I switched from using ffmpeg to xvmc and have tried
> Bob2x.  This has improved things, but it is still not
> smooth.  720P programs do seem better than 1080i, but even
> 720P isn't smooth.  NBC and CBS programs seem to be the
> most twitchy, and NBC programs have periodic bad frames with
> Bob2x.  These bad frames happen in the same place each time
> I play back the recording, so it is something about the
> encoding that Bob2x doesn't handle.
> >
> > When I press 'M' and check the Video Scan setting, NBC
> programs (1080i) are being auto-detected as (P) progressive.
>  I switch this to interlaced, but notice no difference.
>  Other 1080i networks (PBS, CW) are properly detected as
> interlaced.  Does this have anything to do with this?
> >
> What actually happens with NBC (and CBS I believe) is that
> the auto
> detect is constantly switching from progressive to
> interlaced, as both
> NBC and CBS mix progressive frames into their interlaced
> content.
> You're probably just catching it when it's set to P.
> I posted a hack to lock it into interlaced for such video
> here:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/376812#376812
> ...however you can easily find out if that's causing any of
> your
> problems simply by going into video scan in the playback
> menu and
> setting it to interlaced (normal).  In my case, this
> switching back
> and forth caused major issues with Paul's new
> deinterlacer.
> Tom
I have tried selecting Interlaced, but didn't notice any difference.  I did not pause the playback first though.  Would that make a difference?

Is there anyway I can tell if my myth distribution (mythbuntu 8.10 0.21-fixes) has the 2903 patch?  I did a search for this on the mythbuntu forum, but came up with nothing.  I figure someone on this list would probably know.  The link you gave noted that it was recently committed to trunk and Jean-Yves indicated that it was in his repository.


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