[mythtv-users] MythTV and Comcast (SF Bay Area) transition to digital

Michael C. Smith michael.c.smith at alumni.cmu.edu
Mon Apr 20 06:09:35 UTC 2009

Hi Raymond,

Just following up.  Things worked as expected.  Thanks for your help.



Michael C. Smith wrote:
> Hi Raymond,
> Thanks!  That seems to get me closer.  I've got some recording events
> tomorrow (including a now-resolved conflict).  I'll post back the results.
> Regards,
> Mike
> Raymond Wagner wrote:
>> Michael C. Smith wrote:
>>> When I (repeatedly) scan for channels on "[ DVB : 0 ]", I have to
>>> continually reset the frequency table to "Cable", the modulation to
>>> "Cable (QAM-256)" and the ATSC Channel Separator to "(5.1) Period".  I'm
>>> would have thought that MythTV would remember the settings.
>> Nope.
>>> I run mythfilldatabase to populate the listings, but the listing data
>>> for the digital channels is VERY sparse.  For example, I get listings
>>> for channel 2 (KTVU), but no data for 2_1 (KTVUHD) or 2_2 (KTVU-SD).
>>> The only digital channel listings I get are for channels 89, 89#6,
>>> 119#0, 119#2, 119#3, 119#4 and 128#0.
>> Mythfilldatabase will try to match up shows where it can, but for most
>> channels, you will have to go in and manually set a XMLID.  Go onto
>> your SD account, open up your digital listing, and mouse-over a
>> channel to get its ID.  Then, apply it to the channel either in the
>> mythtv-setup channel editor, or in the editor in mythweb.  You should
>> go back through the ones that have data, and confirm that the XMLIDs
>> were applied properly.
>>> Mythweb shows my scheduled recordings will all use the PVR-250.
>>> Conflicts aren't resolved by using both tuners.  (Neither of these are
>>> unexpected, given the lack of "digital" listing data.)
>> Do you have your recordings set to only record on a specific channel?
>> Since you're using separate lineups for analog and digital (as you
>> should), the analog version and the digital version are seen by MythTV
>> as two independent channels.
>>> When trying to record a program, I get the following results:
>>> I try to record something from channel 2, and MythTV uses the PVR-250,
>>> not the HD-5500.
>> As above, you will have to tell it to record from any channel, or from
>> channel 2_1.
>>> I record something (The Bernstein Bears) on channel 119#0 (Sprout) and I
>>> actually get the Home Shopping Network???
>> MythTV only knows what the cable company tells it.  With digital TV,
>> you have several channels within a single frequency band.  If the
>> cableco doesn't tell myth what the channels are, myth will define them
>> based off the frequency.  While Sprout may be cable channel 119 on the
>> lineup, HSN is on frequency 119.  As mentioned above, check the
>> channels against their given XMLIDs and make sure they match up.
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