[mythtv-users] Possible problem with updated SchedulesDirect/TMS listings

Robert Eden rmeden at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 17 14:46:07 UTC 2009

On 4/17/2009 9:32 AM, Robert Eden wrote:
>> ...
>> <program id='SH011132750000'>
>> <title>Survivor: Tocantins</title>
>> ...
>> <schedule program='SH011132750000' station='20376'
>> time='2009-04-24T00:00:00Z' duration='PT01H00M' stereo='true'
>> hdtv='true' closeCaptioned='true' new='true'/>
>> I see there is a "new" flag set to true, but that doesn't seem to help
>> as myth doesn't have a valid program id to work off of.
It turns out Survivor may not be a good example.  I suspect that CBS has 
not released info for this yet.  Both Zap2it.com and TV Guide.com have 
general info. A *SH* episode ID and *NEW* flag is probably something 
that should be dealt with in Myth.


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