[mythtv-users] Nvidia card temps

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Fri Apr 17 11:23:29 UTC 2009

Adam Skinner wrote:
> Hi , 
> I've recently purchased an Nvidia Geforece 9500GT passively cooled for
> use with mythtv VDPAU.  Stupid thing also takes up 2x pci / backpanel
> slots.
> It all seems to be working fine most of the time, but it does get hot.
> 60 degrees C at idle , 80-90 degrees on load.  
> According to nvidia-settings and the gnome applet for hardware
> monitoring/ sensors. 
> Does anyone know if this is normal?

Yes it is. Those chips are supposed/expected to work at those 
tempseratures, with the goal of accepting passive cooling.

>  Should I be worried. My CPU sits
> around 30-40 degrees C.
> Does anyone have or know of a 8000 series passive cooled card that works
> well with VDPAU and only takes up a single pci  slot? And if so, what
> temps are you getting?

I have a 8400GS from Asus, passively cooled, 1 slot only. Works very well.

It shows those temps too.


My case is quite cramped, thus badly ventilated. So I had to add a fan 
to help expell air from around the video board, otherwise I would see 
temps above 100 degrees C when decoding.



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