[mythtv-users] Bad DVB-T picture quality on Nova T-500

Phil Wild philwild at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 04:45:06 UTC 2009

> I recently changed from using a single antenna to two antennas combined
> using a triax reverse splitter with f-connectors. This increased the signal
> quality as reported by myth from about 59% to 70% but I still see a lot of
> errors....I believe i have turned on lna (see previous posts).
> The only tuners on the cable are the Nova-T 500.
> The only wiring not changed is about 5m between the antennas & the splitter
> (not easy to reach the antenna :-) This may be the next steps as well as
> trying a real amplifier instead of the reverse splitter....

I have exactly the same card and am experiencing similar issues to you.

I definitely have the inbuilt amplifier turned on. I have also
replaced my antenna and all antenna wiring in the house to try and
reduce the bit error rate. I have a signal strength of 80% and above
across all channels and noise at 0% so I would expect not to see the
pixelation etc. I can see the antennas in the hills and there are no
trees or anything between to spoil the signal. The last thing for me
to change is the tuner card to see if another brand might provide
better results.

Can anyone recommend a better Australian version DVB-T tuner card? It
needs to be low profile (small form factor). I have spare PCI and PCI
express slots available.



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