[mythtv-users] Block HD Commercials?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Apr 15 03:04:18 UTC 2009

Kevin Ar18 wrote:
> Sorry about the blank message...  Firefox doesn't work right with 
> hotmail. :(
> Anyways, I want something that will block commercials on live feeds 
> and DVR recorded content.  However, the problem I keep finding during 
> my research is HDCP.  Supposedly, it hasn't been cracked yet and that 
> means no free software can record HDCP protected content.  Is this 
> correct?
> Anyways, I don't suppose there are alternative solutions that have 
> been implemented that don't even need HDCP.  For example what about 
> using subtitles?  You have one device with a cheap HD tuner that 
> receives a non-HDCP signal that has been downgraded.  It looks at the 
> subtitles and compares it to a list (like a spellcheker).  If it's a 
> commercial it then sends a signal to another device that immediately 
> cuts off the full HD HDCP signal going to the TV, thus blocking 
> commercials in real-time and replacing them with whatever you want.
First, there is no such thing as 'HDCP protected content'.  HDCP is a 
handshake and encryption mechanism for DVI/HDMI, and only exists on the 
raw data stream between the video source, and the output.  Your cable 
box, commercial DVR, Blu-Ray player, computer running Vista, etc... 
applies HDCP as it exists the machine.  You can record HDCP protected 
video streams by running it through a HD-Fury, and then capturing it 
with a component capture device such as a HDPVR.

MythTV supports commercial flagging.  It will scan the video, identify 
what it thinks are commercials, and then you have the option of skipping 
past them during playback.

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