[mythtv-users] MythTV to PS3 via upnp

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sun Apr 12 00:52:37 UTC 2009

David Power wrote:
> The raw YUV recordings (in MPEG2 container) captured by the HDHR have
> different underlying encoding practices (slightly different by
> program).
The HDHR (or any digital tuner) does not capture 'raw YUV'.  It simply 
pulls the transport stream out of the digital broadcast.  The only thing 
that would provide raw YUV would be a framegrabber.
> This page has basic instructions for using mythtranscode to remove
> commercials and specifically uses the option "-e dvd" which helped the
> author play all his files on his PS3 via upnp.  He doesn't state how
> he captures his recordings (might be a PVR 150 or other SD equivalent)
> so he may very likely have different codecs in the original files
> compared to me.  The suggested command did indeed cut the commercials
> fine and produces another MPEG2 file that PS3 can ALWAYS play (yea!),
> but alas, with ALWAYS with no audio (boo!).
The PVR150 outputs mpeg2 audio, while ATSC provides AC3 audio.  The last 
time I streamed video to my PS3, it supported m2a in both (PS) program 
streams and (TS) transport streams, but AC3 only in transport streams.  
Mythtranscode will only output a nuppelvideo file (unplayable), or a 
program stream if you are running lossless.  Now the compatible formats 
claims that they now support AC3 within program streams, but you may 
want to try re-multiplexing the output of mythtranscode back into a 
transport stream (run ffmpeg with '-f mpegts'), and see if that fixes 
your audio problems.

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