[mythtv-users] Some advance questions about DVB-T in Switzerland / FreeSat from UK

Yann Lehmann aristide at vtxmail.ch
Wed Apr 8 09:53:08 UTC 2009

Alessandro wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been doing some research about setting up my MythTV box when I
> eventually move out to Basel region in Switzerland later this year.
> (I'm an Australian with Italian passport who lives in the UK who met a
> French girl who now lives in Basel !! Aie aie aie - the things we do
> for women!! ;-)


Here in Switzerland, most of the houses and appartments have cable tv. The 
monthly fees are generally "included" in the rent.

You can check this and which provider is "responsible" in your area under 

> I am thinking of using my existing NOVA T-500 dual DVB-T to tune,
> receive and record the local received Digital TV broadcasts (not sure
> what EPG data I can use - xmltv perhaps)

DVB-T-offering in Switzerland is very poor (usually only these channels: 
SF1, SF2, TSR1, TSI1 and SF-Info in the german part of Switzerland).

In the Basel area, you may also receive DVB-T signal from France (from 

> and
> I would like to use the Hauppauge Win-TV NOVA-S USB to tune, receive
> and record the FreeSat Sky broadcast of the UK freeview channels (BBC,
> 4, ITV etc).
> (Using the RadioTimes XML feed for these channels (as I currently do
> now in the UK on DVB-T - works really well)

For information about sat and dvb-t in Switzerland, you can check the french 
website www.2222.ch (your girlfriend will surely help you..., more than I 
do, as I don't use neither dvb-t nor sat in my setup).

I don't know which would be the best solution to get epg-data for the 
different combination of channels. May be to combine several xmlt-sources 
with different grabbers.


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