[mythtv-users] Setting NON 60 hz modes with MythBuntu 8.10Nvidia 180

w.f.mythbuster at gmail.com w.f.mythbuster at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 17:52:39 UTC 2009

> Hi
> 2009/4/4  <w.f.mythbuster at gmail.com>:
> > When I edit my xorg.conf and reboot I get an error saying "could not
> pars
> > xorg.conf".
> >
> Well, edit your xorg.conf , make sure your syntax is correct.
> BTW, you don't need to reboot to try your new Xorg configure
> sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart
> /var/log/Xorg.0.log will contain the exact error of what is happening.
> BTW, the simplest solution for you to get rates other than 60Hz is to
> do something like:
> Start a terminal:
> type:
> sudo nvidia-xconfig
> Then nvidia-settings
> and uncheck "Force GPU scaling".
> This will allow you to use non-60Hz frequencies.
> Obviously, the solution on my site is better as it provides a much
> greater level of tuning ... but at least, that way you don't have to
> edit xorg.conf and create errors.
> JY

Hi Jean-Yves

Thanks for the very quick reaction.
It solved my problem I can now select the following frequencies manually:

Now I am trying to use automatically frequencies switching.

Thanks Wim

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