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> >    I'm having an issue playing back HD content in Myth. I have found a lot of forums and posts about
> >similar issues but I just can't seem to get mine corrected. The issue with MY HD playback is that the
> >video and sound will have a short pause every 2 to 3 seconds that HD content is playing.
I am very limited in my experience, but this might help to isolate the issue:
Do you get any errors (such as dropping frames) from the terminal running "mythfrontend -v playback"?
Does TOP show your cpu being overly loaded?
Are you streaming from a remote backend? Or is this a frontend/backend with a local disk?
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Thanks for the reply. I did run the frontend in a terminal and it did throw h264 warnings about the frame size and saying that it's throwing frames out. It also game me some messages about frame headers that it could not read as well but  those messages were much less. I can get the exact messages and post back to the list what I am seeing. My CPU is running at about 50% but that was when I was recording HD and trying to watch HD at the same time. I imagine that if I wasn't recording at the same time it would free up some CPU, the ultimate goal though is to not have to worry about it :-)

My system has the frontend and backend on the same box, there isn't a remote frontend or backend. Thanks again for the replay hopefully this information helps.

Scott S.

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