[mythtv-users] Much improved 1080i display

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Thu Apr 2 07:27:53 UTC 2009

Below is a post from the thread "New deinterlacer for perfect image
quality when using an interlaced display, mode that matches the
source" I just thought I'd repost it under a different title because
the original title gave the impression that use of the deinterlacer
was only for interlaced displays. This should give improved
quality on any TV with good 1080i support.

> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 8:26 AM, Paul Gardiner <lists at glidos.net> wrote:
>> > I've just created a patch that provides a deinterlacer for perfect image
>> > quality and motion smoothness when using an interlaced display mode that
>> > exactly matches the video source. See Ticket #6391. The deinterlacer comes
>> > up in the menus as "Interlaced x2". It is also known as field order.
>> >
 >  ...
> I've been running 0.21-fixes version 18314 under Gentoo patched with
> that 2903 patch to allow Bob x2.  I watch all U.S. OTA DTV on a rear
> projection CRT (Hitachi 51F500), so my issues have been mainly with
> 1080i content.  In my case the 2903 patch and Bob have worked well,
> though never quite as good as with no deinterlacing (when it happened
> to be in sync, which certainly wasn't often enough to put up with).
 > ...
> In any case I got it to work and I'm only having one issue (not the
> fault of your code...more on that below).  I have to say that this is
> the first time I've seen my myth system play 1080i content and have it
> look just as good as my Samsung HD receiver.  From my testing so far,
> this appears to be exactly what I've been hoping for since building
> the system two years ago, and may be just as good as actually having
> nVidia fix their 1080i ouput (which may never happen).
 > ...

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