[mythtv-users] OT: Comcast in the SF SouthBay

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Wed Apr 1 20:19:38 UTC 2009

Brad Fuller wrote:
> In the coming months, we at Comcast are enhancing our network to bring
> the Bay Area the  "World of More." This means that soon we'll be
> delivering even more channels exclusively in digital format. Channels
> 2-34 will not be affected."
You're lucky, my letter here in Chattanooga TN said "Channels 2-13 and 
94 and 95 will not be affected." (94 and 95 are C-SPAN1 and 2).
> Ok, my question: What do I need buy/upgrade/install  to record this
> new World of More?
I wish I knew.  I'm *hoping* that what used to be clear analog will now 
be clear QAM, so that my A-180 card will pick up those channels (and so 
any new TV's can too without a box).  My history with Comcast seems to 
say that might not be the case.  When they first went digital, I could 
firewire everything except the movie channels/PPV.  About three months 
later, I could only firewire networks.  I then got the A-180 and could 
get the networks and ESPN via QAM, and in the last six months I've also 
been able to get TBS, USA, MPLEX, TNT and several other stations clear 
QAM.  I'm hoping HGTV and Lifetime will be clear QAM for the WAF (right 
now its zero because I can't get those channels - my PVR-250 died).
>  I've been using PVR250 which can switch channels.
> Now I'll need something else. Who has been successful with comcast's
> boxes - which I think are those small ones w/o much do-dads on them
I'm hoping those boxes are only needed by people with analog TV's.  But 
hope doesn't make it so.

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