[mythtv-users] CentOS vs Fedora, RAID vs LVM

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Wed Apr 1 15:51:34 UTC 2009

David Brodbeck wrote:
> And if you do it offline, you'll have to do a full fsck first, or
> resize2fs won't touch the partition.
> Any time I'm doing something that major to a filesystem I kind of expect
> it to be time-consuming.  An exception is ZFS, which was intentionally
> designed to make filesystem creation and resizing a trivial operation.
> (But the Linux implementation of it doesn't offer very good performance,
> last I heard.)

Well I've been a long term user of reiserfs, and latterly (with Mythtv)
jfs as well (both on top of LVM), and both create and resize in a short
time, online, and with no reboot shenannigans either, It Just Works (tm).
Maybe I've been spolied all these years :-)
Mike Holden

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