[mythtv-users] Long delays with remote occasionally

Larry J - Dell LT larry at foxgulch.com
Wed Apr 1 13:24:33 UTC 2009

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 03/31/2009 04:49 PM, Larry on the Dell Laptop wrote:
>> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>> On 03/31/2009 08:12 AM, Larry on the Dell Laptop wrote:
>>>> True to Josh's prediction,  last night I noticed an occasional  "IR 
>>>> Remote button press" delay even though I was running with the 
>>>> playback profile set to "High Quality" on version 18722,
>>> Again, you do realize that there's an issue in Myth that affects 
>>> -fixes users with versions prior to r19222, right?  So, it's likely 
>>> that now that you've downgraded Myth to pre-r19222, the occasional 
>>> delay was the screensaver one, not the other issue.
>>> Unless, of course, you did as I said and got rid of 
>>> gnome-screensaver-command, that is. 
>> Thank you again Mike.   I 'll  kill the screen saver again and see if 
>> my 18722 shows the remote button press delay.  Maybe the delay is 
>> prompted from two separate causes, this one and the one Josh has 
>> identified. 
> Not kill the screensaver, but prevent gnome-screensaver-command from 
> ever executing--i.e. get it off your system or mv it or something.
> Mike
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For what's worth,  in my Mythbuntu gnome desktop 
System->Preferences->Screensaver (which you can also access from the 
command line with  gnome-screensaver-preferences)    I   DO NOT have a 
check by "Activate Screensaver when CPU Idle".    When I do a ps -A | 
grep gnome   I DO see a process ID associated with the 
gnome-screen-sav.    But since installing Josh's replacement  
libmythavformat file, I haven't experienced any   IR Remote Button 
Presses delays.   So here at least, it seems sufficient just to NOT HAVE 
a check by "Activate Screensaver when CPU Idle".   I never see the 
screensaver activate so I assume that my entry in the gui has prevented 
the screen saver from activating/running.

So I've made all the corrections suggested by Josh.

1.  Screensaver is configured not to activate

2.  Option "UseEvents" "True"' in the "Device"  section  of 

3.  Replaced  libmythavformat  with Josh's new and improved file.

So far,  I haven't had any "IR Remote Button Press Delays".   This is 
with myth version  18722.


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