[mythtv-users] Server/adding new card dilemma, HD/hardware questions

Bobby Gill bobbygill at rogers.com
Tue Sep 30 21:36:22 UTC 2008

Well I am confused how to proceed. Situation is that my current Myth server
is solid but I wish to add another capture card or two and the household may
be getting HDTV before year-end. However, I am seeing a lot of newer
Hauppauge HD cards are PCIE, and my server mobo ain't got no PCIE. Currenty
Myth server specs:

P4 3.4ghz EE (w/HT)
1.2gb ram
1x320gb sata
asus mobo

She runs fine but we are moving into a new house in a few months and I may
have her supporting more than just my desktop pc as the only frontend (to
keep this in consideration).

Now I wish to get another capture card, preferrably one that can at least do
analog+digital (to "futureproof" for HDTV capture when we get it in the
house-- I hope that makes sense), but I'm gonna need a new mobo and likely
new processor and ram as well (case/hd/7600gs/PSU are pretty recent and
should be okay), so I'm just trying to get an assessment of what I'd need.

- What's a good mobo/cpu/ram combo that will be enough to capture HD, or
which specs in particular on said components are critical when purchasing?
- What are the size requirements per, say, 30 minute recording in HD at
full/best quality (or something close to it, I know it's different from here
and there)?
- Which card to get for my situation?

Thanks a ton for any help, this list is most helpful.
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