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paltron paltron at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 29 18:50:16 UTC 2008

1. By 'crap' I meant to say 'Carefully Redesigned Application Package' - I hope this sounds better :-) 
2. I certainly appreciate that you're trying to help me.
3. I can't understand, why the MythTV install must be sooooo complicated an prone to pitfalls and failures?Linux *and Ubuntu) handles packages, even complex ones so well, why is this an exception?
I did everything 'by the book' following instructions precisely everytime. Everytime I ended up with the same result.
I think the problem could be inside Ubuintu itself . I contacted Canonical and am waiting for an answer. Curiously, the last Ubuntu release MythTV claims to work with is 7.10 - I have 8.04.

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paltron wrote:
> My desjtop is permanently connected by broadband to the Internet and is
> NOT part of a local network. I installed, de-installed, re-installed
> MythTV several times, I even tried this Mythbuntu crap, always ended up
> with the screen I described.

Calling MythBuntu "Crap" is probably not the best way to get help from
this list :-)

> Setup?What setup?I can't even get that far.
> I'm very frustrated, because it's most likely a tiny thing.
> At this point I yanked everything and reverted to my Hauppage WinTV 150
> card's ability to watch live TV.

If you installed and de-installed Myth several times, and you didn't do
it preciselt the same way with the same version, you may well have
"crap" hanging around from previous installs.

The "no mouse" situation is normal, Myth is not designed to use a mouse,
and thus it "swallows" it top prevent screen clutter. You should be able
to go through the setup using just the cursor keys.

You might find this helpful, although it is specifically for MythDora,
it might give you an idea how the install should work, which you need to
know in order to work out what's wrong.


You should also have the loopback interface configured, even if you are
permanently connected to the internet on your DT.


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