[mythtv-users] UPnP video and commercial skipping?

Mark Wormgoor mark at wormgoor.com
Sun Sep 28 16:46:31 UTC 2008

Greg Estabrooks wrote:
>> Ok then, an idea:  Is is possible for the upnp server to have the 
>> ability to just not play the commercials?  Either some global
>> setting
> The UPnP server doesn't "play" anything. Your upnp client says "Gimme
> file X from bytes y to bytes z" and the server serves exactly that
> up. And when your client needs the next round of data it just makes
> another request for the new range of bytes.
> A Upnp server is basically a fancy web server.
> To support some sort of commercial skip would require the client to 
> understand a cutlist of sorts. Show me a client that supports it and
> we can likely let the server tell the client which range of frames to
> skip, but the main part is the support on the upnp client for it. It
> would certainly be useful if your client can handle it.

Actually, this is very well possible using playlists. There even is a
trac ticket for it with preliminary patches:

It doesn't fix the issue completely, but it will let you skip 
commercials with a single button (next track), which is probably good 

Kind regards,

Mark Wormgoor

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