[mythtv-users] mpeg2 video stuttering followup

ojw at weilerfamily.com ojw at weilerfamily.com
Sat Sep 27 23:54:12 UTC 2008

Just as a followup to some help you all offered a while
back with my mpeg2 stuttering problem...

I found out that my motherboard (gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H which
uses the GeForce 7100 GPU with the nForce 630i chipset)
does not support xvmc as evidenced by the following URL:


Based on some info I read on the nvidia forums, it's the
"purevideo" column that seems to determine if a particular
motherboard with GPU onboard supports XvMC.  From what it
looks like, XvMC is only supported on 630a with the 7050PV
GPU.  Note that my Xorg.0.log still has the tag of
"(II) Loading extension XVideo-MotionCompensation" in it
even though XvMC isn't supported.

Armed with that info, I stopped pursuing XvMC as an option
and ended up solving my mpeg2 view jitters by reducing my X
resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720.  I'm guessing that
since I'm only doing ATSC, this should be fine.  With my
E7200 cpu, mythfrontend never goes over 30% and X never
goes over 20%.

It'd be nice to know why 1920x1080 doesn't work but for now,
I'll stop beating my head against a wall and enjoy stutter
free video.  If you all have any ideas, I'd be grateful to
hear them but in any case, I appreciate the help you all have
given already.


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