[mythtv-users] Looking for onboard VGA that can support VGA to Scart

M.Smedeus micke at smeddan.mine.nu
Sat Sep 27 18:29:34 UTC 2008

Paul Gardiner skrev:
> I've been experimenting with an old server that
> has a Radeon 9000 card, running the VGA output
> into my TV's Scart socket using the circuit from
> the MythTV Wiki. It gives superb image quality
> and fluidity of motion. At last I'm getting quality
> from MythTV that equals my old DVRs.
> Now I'm looking to build a new frontend based on
> something similar to the experiment. It would be
> great if I could find a motherboard with onboard
> Radeon 9000, because then I could expect it to
> work the same, but there is no such motherboard
> (I think there used to be one with a built in
> Radeon 9200, but that was maybe 4 years ago).
> Can anyone give me any recommedations? The onboard
> graphics must be able to output with interlacing
> and with a dot clock rate down to 13.5MHz. Also
> it needs to have driver support for xvmc.
> Any advice welcomed. Perhaps I'm already going
> the wrong way. Would I be better to get a low profile
> Geforce 5200 rather than onboard graphics - the
> main thing I'm worried about is keeping it small
> and quite.
> Also any advice on fanless power supplies, quietest
> CPU fans, anything like that.
> Cheers,
> 	Paul.
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Well, one of my FE's is an PXE booted Dell D600 Laptop,  ATI 9000 
graphics , small and very quiet. Hosting an 28 fat TV with an homemade 
VGA to SCART and serial LIRC reciever. Should be a cheap solution on 
ebay i guess.

Just a tip.

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