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Anthony R. Baker baker at low-e.com
Fri Sep 26 18:46:33 UTC 2008

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For the last few weeks I have been trying to get Mythtv to install on
a FreeBSD 7.1 machine.  I was able to finally get the available build
(mythtv-0.20_3) installed only to find out I couldn't use my Schedules
Direct account, which I am assuming 0.21 does.  Additionally, it would
not recognize my capture card as valid input.  I realize this software
is written with Linux in mind; however, I noticed the last mention of
FreeBSD on the list was back in the 5.x days looking through the
archives.  I was hoping to see if anyone has built a FreeBSD port that
is available, just not submitted to freshports or even patched 0.21
source (or diffs or a version that uses SchedulesDirect) that I could
use to compile it manually.  I don't need 100% functionality, I just
more or less need mythbackend + mythweb as I intend on using it simply
as a recording service, though mythfrontend would be a bonus.  I
planned to stream the resulting transcoded files over a media server I
already have setup.

Also, I am using a PVR-250 and can successfully capture video/audio
with the /dev/cxm0 device (`cat /dev/cxm0 > test.mpg` yields a
playable MPEG2 file) so I know my hardware is working properly.
Additionally, I can change the channel using a program called
`pvr250-setchannel`.  In the meanwhile I have just been using a script
+ cron to record what I want manually as a temporary solution.

If this simply isn't feasible, can someone suggest a possible
alternative I could try instead?



 I've used FreeBSD at work and at home for ten + years and even built a Myth 
FE/BE on a 4.5 system but it wasn't worth the trouble. It was much easier to 
learn the little differences in linux and FreeBSD. Than it was to get the 
hardware and driver issues worked out. You should read 
http://www.freebsdsoftware.org/multimedia/mythtv.html With this in mind 
without V4L support I would only try FreeBSD again as a frontend unless I 
was looking for a challange. Any linux distro is easier than FreeBSD. IMHO 

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