[mythtv-users] HR21 DirecTV receiver as HD input to MythTV box through HDMI?

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Fri Sep 26 03:42:16 UTC 2008

Peter Pavlovich <pavlovich at gmail.com>, said on Thu Sep 25, 2008 [11:25:35 PM]:
} >
} >
} > You'd rather spend $285 plus whatever DVI capture device that might exist
} > with linux support (no idea if that does exist - if so, it's going to be
} > expensive and if so will almost definitely not have mythtv support for it)
} > instead of $220 for a device with good enough linux/mythtv support that
} > everything is working quite well right now just to use HDMI instead of
} > component? Why?
} >
} >
} Nope. I'm not saying that at all. I just want the best quality video
} possible ... true HD ... recorded on my MythTV box. If I read the specs
} correctly, the $220 device only accepts component input. I am still a
} relative newbie to all of this so I am not sure if component-based quality
} is the same (or could it possibly even be better?) than HDMI quality. If so,
} then I'd be quite happy going with the device mentioned earlier and save
} myself all the problems :)
} Anyone able to chime in on the relative quality of the various output
} configurations? I'd love to hear from the experts!!!
} Thanks again for the advice and insight!

Im by no means an expert but they will have pry my HDPVR out of my cold dead hands. 
and it doesnt even support 5.1 sound yet. (unrelated to the topic at hand I know
but I like to plug the thing whenever I can)

but for HD quality I was under the impression that component video
was at the same level as hdmi.

though I will note that the HD signal I got from comcast even out the hdmi port
was terrible compared to the component Im using from my directv unit.
so ultimately "quality" is up to the service provider.

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