[mythtv-users] FE Motherboard: DG45FC

Anthony Zawacki azmail at thezawackis.com
Fri Sep 26 01:02:38 UTC 2008

Adam Skinner wrote:
> This is a mini itx board from intel supporting lots of new processors
> and has hdmi out.

I have this board, and am trying to set it up as a Myth frontend using 

> As its intel , who are a bit nicer with their open source views - does
> anyone know if audio over hdmi will work with this board?

It's hard to say, as I haven't got that far yet.  Lots of other issues 
like having to compile a new Fedora 9 kernel with the e1000e driver from 
the latest available kernel to get networking to work...  Will be fixed 
in Fedora 10 / Ubuntu 8.10.  I am hopeful based on some initial research 
about the intel hda alsa driver, but time will tell.

Additionally, there are bugs being worked out in the video driver, and 
it is fairly easy to crash X at the moment, though I hope that changes 
relatively soon.

> There is another question, that may/may not be specific to this board.
> It doesn't have a proper RS232 serial port - which I use for lirc. I
> would like one. It has a serial port header, so does this mean I can get
> an adaptor/cable that will work with it and turn it into a proper serial
> port?? I cannot use a usb->serial adaptor as lirc doesn't like them. 

I've ordered a low profile motherboard header -> backplane, though I 
don't know if it will work or not yet.  It's a Supermicro CBL-0010-LP, 
which was hard to find in stock online anywhere.  However, there is a 
chance that the pins are not wired correctly.  If that turns out to be 
the case, I'll simply cut the connector and replace it with an RJ-45 
jack to match the connector used with the IRA-3.

> Any other thoughts about this bit of kit welcome. I need a new quiet
> small FE - eee box was tempting but no serial and hdmi.  Same problem
> with mac mini. Dell studio hybrid has hdmi,  but that isn't a cheap bit
> of kit. 

I have a goal of having an HD capable frontend available for when the 
HD-PVR-1212 becomes supported, either .22 or a .21 fixes branch.  I have 
4gb of ram and a 3Ghz Core2Duo and was initially hopeful for blu-ray 

While I see many people posting that playback of HD-PVR recording works 
great, I do not feel totally confident that a 3Ghz Core2Duo is capable 
of HD PVR playback...  I've tried the 7/10/13mbit streams available on 
bittorrent and both the 10 and 13 mbit streams require the 
noskiploopfilter parameter to play back at full speed.  But then again, 
it could be related to the early development of G45 support in the intel 

Another note is that there is very little legacy ports on this 
motherboard...  No VGA out (in case you want to hook up to a CRT for 
installation for example, no PS/2 ports, and as you've noted, no serial) 
  That being said, I currently have it hooked up to a 65" Mitsubishi 
through HDMI and it looks fantastic and the TV recognizes 1080p.

I have the stock heatsink and fan, plus the stock fans in the case, and 
it is EXTREMELY quiet compared to my other frontends...


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