[mythtv-users] QMYSQL3: Can't connect to MySQL server during backend setup.

Bains, Gurvinder gurvinder.bains at christushealth.org
Wed Sep 24 20:34:56 UTC 2008


I get the following error while doing a fresh install and setup of
backend and frontend on the same PC:

QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
QMYSQL3: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'bains-homepc' (111)

I also changed the DBHostName=localhost to the name of the local PC but
came across the same issue.

I checked permissions on mythconverg database for user 'mythtv' to
ensure I could not login and query the database to rule out access

During one purge and reinstall cycle I got access denied for mythtv user
so I granted permissions using the command below:

mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"192.168.1.%" identified by
mysql> flush privileges;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

** Attachment added: "Screenshots and log of installation."

I also posted this to bug 243504

mythtv-setup: unable to connect to database
You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
of the bug.

Status in "mythtv" source package in Ubuntu: New

Bug description:
Binary package hint: mythtv-backend

$ dpkg -l mythtv-backend
ii  mythtv-backend      0.21.0+fixes16838-0 A personal video recorder
application (server)

$ lsb_release -rd
Description:    Ubuntu 8.04
Release:        8.04

what happens - I cannot complete the configuration of mythtv with
mythtv-setup. This appears to be because the mysql database is not fully

what should happen - I should be able to set up mythtv.

Background information
$ id
uid=1000(vjm) gid=1000(vjm)

$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql status
 * /usr/bin/mysqladmin  Ver 8.41 Distrib 5.0.51a, for debian-linux-gnu
on i486
Copyright (C) 2000-2006 MySQL AB
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software,
and you are welcome to modify and redistribute it under the GPL license

Server version          5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.1
Protocol version        10
Connection              Localhost via UNIX socket
UNIX socket             /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
Uptime:                 1 hour 25 min 56 sec

Threads: 1  Questions: 43  Slow queries: 0  Opens: 23  Flush tables: 1
Open tables: 17  Queries per second avg: 0.008

$ ps -fade|grep myth
mythtv    8983     1  0 22:22 ?        00:00:06 /usr/bin/mythbackend
--daemon --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log --pidfile
vjm       9178  6809  0 22:34 pts/0    00:00:00 grep myth

What I tried to do:

$ mythtv-setup
(I get a popup asking to close any running mythbackends. I say OK)

(I get a small xterm with error messages in it, saying unable to connect
to database.
Could not capture this for you, because a fullscreen display suddenly
The fullscreen display prompts for things like database name, user ,
I left these as defaults, and hit <return> immediately.
(Oh, and it shows "No UPnP devices available", to which I say "OK" since
there is nothing else to say.

On the original terminal I get:
 * Stopping MythTV server: mythbackend
[ OK ]
 * Restarting MythTV server: mythbackend
No /usr/bin/mythbackend found running; none killed.
[ OK ]

(I get another popup, would you like to run mythfilldatabase?) <cancel>

yet, I am able to connect to mysql as mythv at localhost, with no password.
$ mysql -u mythtv at localhost
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 87923
Server version: 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.1 (Ubuntu)

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.

mysql>  show databases;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
mysql> use mythconverg;
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database
mysql> quit

I checked for .my.cnf files and so forth, could find none in my home dir
nor in /home/mythtv.
The closest thing was the .mythtv/mysql.txt file;

$ grep -v ^# /home/mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt




$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv
< does nothing.>

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-backend
<answer NO to create v4l device nodes>
Then it asks me to run mythtv-setup. oh. Well that's going to be a
Then I have to start mythtv-backend again.

Try that anyway:
$ /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop
$ /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start
(no errors, let's stop again)
$ /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop
$ mythtv-setup
does not seem to help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gurvinder Singh

"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame." - Elizabeth Barrett


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