[mythtv-users] thrashing hard drive

James bjlockie at lockie.ca
Wed Sep 24 17:28:39 UTC 2008

On Wed, September 24, 2008 10:56 am, jansenj wrote:
> I've noticed my hard drive thrashing a lot while recording 2 hd shows
> (from hdhomerun) and watching a third HD show on a frontend/backend.
> I've noticed some issues with the 2 hd recordings when I do this.  Is
> there an easy way to reduce the amount of head movement on the hard drive?
> Can you force an IO buffer so you can burst closer to 8mb or
> something along those lines.  Does the HD ring buffer help out with normal
> recording?  Otherwise is there a generic linux parameter that could help
> out.  I have 1gig of RAM, would more help?  I only have 1 hard drive right
> now for recordings.  Any suggestions?

I'm not sure if it will help but you really don't have much ram.

When it happens, run 'free' to see how much swap is being used.
I have 4gb of ram and I never use swap.

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