[mythtv-users] Nividia Xvmc and DVB-T (UK)

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 19:27:29 UTC 2008

Replying to quite an old thread but I am wondering if any UK users
using the latest MythTV/Mythbuntu know if this problem with XvMC has
been fixed yet?  I am still using Mythbuntu 7.1 and still have this
problem which means I can't use XvMC.

>Great I hope someone has the ability to develop a fix and for it to be
>included in MythTV.

>My only concern with using the first pid (or ignore mono channels if
>that will work also?) is you just know there may be a case in some
>countries/areas/transmittor that might not always transmit the tracks
>the users want first or whether if two stereo tracks cause the same
>problem if that will not work in XvMC also.  Probably needs to be an
>option (or two) somewhere that says "Use Initial Audio Tracks Only" /
>"Use Stereo Tracks Only" or something.

>Do not know if the problem is in Trac yet but as it appears to be
>reproducable and more than one users is having the same problem
>perhaps it should be?

>If a patch is developed I'm more than willing to try to get it running
>on my system and report if XvMC is back working or not on BBC (and
>other) channels.

>You will probably find that you miss the correct audio track
>occasionally if you use this fix - there are definitely some programs
>transmitted on UK DVB-T which have the mono track ahead of the stereo
>normal track in pid order.

>Yes, I thought I might. As a proof of concept (that removing the extra audio track >lets xvmc work) it's OK,
>but I need a more reliable way of selecting the right audio track.
>Or else a bug fix for xvmc playback itself. The first one I might be able to do...

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