[mythtv-users] MythWeb weather, broken or is it just me?

Sebastian Buks sebastianbuks at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 18:10:37 UTC 2008

>> Thanks for that Joe, I tried it out and indeed my script is grabbing
>> the exact same stuff so Perl should be fully working. However my
>> MythWeb still shows that half-parsed look (http://imagebin.org/ 
>> 26918).
>> I figure this must reside in Apache or some permissions error.  
>> However
>> the "Unknown.png"  image resides in the same dir as the rest of the
>> pictures and they all have the same permissions and ownership. So
>> again, I really dont know what could possibly be the problem here. Is
>> there a way to run Apache2 server in full verbose mode to see what it
>> is trying to grab and fails with? Error logs shows nothing at all.
> The first thing I would do would be to look at the source code for the
> page.  Check to see what the IMG tag is pointing to on your system.
> For example, on mine the IMG tag for one of the icons looks like this:
> img src="/skins/default/img/weather/showers.png" class="alpha_png"  
> alt=""
> Make sure that all of the icons listed in
> <DocumentRoot>/skins/default/img/weather/ are accessible by the user
> that Apache runs under.

Yes, I did do this (and unfortunately made a stupid post under another  
subject). Anyway, my source says as expected:

<img src="/skins/default/img/weather/" class="alpha_png" alt="">

as you can see there is no link to the exact image only to the folder.  
And if I manually check the path to the folder it is accessible. And  
all the images have the right permissions right. It's just not right  
in the source. Why this is must be some error on MythWeb parsing the  
info since running the script manually gives the same output as shown  
previous (and the same you got yourself). So basically now I know for  
a fact that this must be MythWeb and not Apache. Any other thoughts?


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