[mythtv-users] HP Media Software / Vista laptop does not play back ATSC (HDTV or SDTV)...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Mon Sep 22 13:48:24 UTC 2008


Was wondering if anyone has tried to play back mythtv ATSC recordings 
from the UPNP server of a MythTV master back end using the pre-installed 
HP Media Software on a Vista laptop.

[Yes, I know there are other media players out there that work w/o 
having to load in the whole mythtv front end package.  But this is my 
wife's computer - trying something new w/o repercussions...  well, 
there's a reason she has her own laptop.]

NTSC recordings play back fine.  But ATSC recordings of standard 
definition broadcasts show the first frame (if I recall correctly) and 
ATSC recordings of high definition broadcasts (720 or 1080) show 
nothing. I don't think it's a client power problem as it's a duel core. 
  Also, the fact the ATSC standard definition programming will not play 
points more to configuration problems.  Possibly a missing codec?


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