[mythtv-users] Can anyone recommend Mythbuntu?

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Sat Sep 20 19:42:35 UTC 2008

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> Gordon McCrae wrote:
> > _ wrote:
> >
> >> I've been using MythTV on Suse 10.2 until now, but for the last several
> >> months I've had a hell of a lot of trouble with the sound on the
> >> internal player. I'm wondering if switching distros is the answer. What
> >> are the ups and downs of Mythbuntu? How up-to-date is it? I've read some
> >> introductory information on it, and it seems to be designed for
> >> dedicated systems, which is what my MythTV box is.
> >>     I should point out that I currently I just use MythTV to view
> >> digital media on my TV, and not as a PVR.
> >>

In the pro-Mythbuntu camp, I'm using it on three computers: a BE-only, a
FE/BE, and a FE only.  The FE-only is an Asus Pundit, and the backend
hardware includes an HDHomerun, a PVR-500, and an Avermedia A180.  Most of
the recording is in HD, playback on one FE is HD, and the other SD.  I've
never had any issues.

Assuming you're running the same version of myth as Mythbuntu, I think you
can run a Mythbuntu FE off the CD if you want to test it without messing
with your existing config.


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