[mythtv-users] After the "Change"

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sat Sep 20 18:59:23 UTC 2008

larry krasno <imagmast at ispmaster.net> says:
> To continue to receive those channels on my mythtv box I will have
> to do a "rescan".

Yes. A full one, from mythtv-setup's channel editor.

> My next question is: will the rescan cause any problems with the
> shows in my "library"?


I would record the callsign (KNTVDT, KQED, etc.) for each of your
channels before the scan, though. During the channel-scan process
MythTV will pull in whatever callsign the station broadcasts, which
(amazingly enough) isn't always quite accurate, because you want
callsigns to match whatever SchedulesDirect uses.

This doesn't matter a lot now since you're only using one source of
recordings, over the air. Let's say you get cable, though, while
keeping your antenna. Cable will carry many of the same
channels. MythTV won't know this, though, unless you tell it by using
the same callsigns for identical channels on both lineups. This way,
if (say) KGO over-the-air won't be avaiable at 9pm to record a movie
because the over-the-air tuner card is already set to be used for
something else, but KGO over cable will be available, the MythTV
scheduler will seamlessly adjust. See
for more.

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