[mythtv-users] kernel 2.6.26 and acpi wakeup problem

Hasse Hagen Johansen hhj-mythtv at musikcheck.dk
Sat Sep 20 17:13:05 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Drew" == Drew Gilbert <gilbert.drew at gmail.com> writes:

    Drew> Alexander Petkov wrote:
    >>> Have you tried setting the wakeup time for sometime late the
    >>> next day or so and just leaving it? I run 2.6.26 (Arch Linux
    >>> x86_64) and my acpi wakeup _sort of_ works, although it wakes up
    >>> at the wrong time.
> Hi Drew:
    >> Arch Linux user here as well :) As far as setting the time-- I
    >> was testing the wakeup with scheduling it for the "5 minutes from
    >> now" trick as per the wiki. At least now I know that acpi is
    >> "sort of" working with 2.6.26 and will try to see what's going
    >> on.
    >> Alex
    Drew> Hi Alex,

    Drew> To me, this is really looking like a kernel/acpi bug (possibly
    Drew> Arch specific, I haven't tried any other distros) as I have
    Drew> tried 2 different systems, 1 x86_32 (Via chipset), 1 x86_64
    Drew> (nvidia chipset), both have the same problem of waking up at
    Drew> midnight if the time is set for the next day when using
    Drew> 2.6.26, both work fine with 2.6.25.

Hi I am using a 2.6.26-tuxonice kernel. ACPI wakeup works fine here on a
via epia sp8000, but there are several quirks depending on the

Ex. I had to disable the hwclock script thing tha writes the time to the
hwclock on shutdown etc.

Mostly to say that it is a least not a kernel/acpi which everyone is


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