[mythtv-users] Padding on Same Channel But Different Tuners

Don Lewis dl-mythtv at catspoiler.org
Sat Sep 20 00:56:45 UTC 2008

On 18 Sep, Jon Bishop wrote:

> Well, first, I would presume that the standard def tuner would have a  
> lower priority, preventing it from being used unless it is, in fact, a  
> last resort. But, that still might use the tuner more often the  
> wanted. But there is no setting to avoid back to back recordings from  
> the same channel to be tuned on the same tuner... and in my  
> experience, it is these recordings that ignore the soft padding. That  
> is likely because I have the avoid back to back recordings from  
> different channels option set, and it would otherwise ignore the soft  
> padding on those as well?
> So, I still think it's a feature request. Maybe there just needs to be  
> a second checkbox next to the different channels one to avoid back to  
> back recordings on the same channels. Unless someone can make the  
> tuner output to 2 separate files when the soft padding for the second  
> recording starts, and until the soft padding on the first recording  
> ends. That would also solve the problem, without actually tying up a  
> second tuner. I remember reading about talk of doing this very thing a  
> while back, but never saw it come to fruition.

Why not allow (and even prefer) back to back recordings of the same
channel using the same tuner and just write the stream to both files
during the overlap period.  This would be compatible with both hard and
soft padding and wouldn't require the presence of a spare tuner? The
only issue that I see is that this is probably more complex to implement
than the scheduler change to either force the use of a second tuner or
for one of the programs to be rescheduled for a later time.

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