[mythtv-users] Frontend and backend on 2 different networks?

Ryan wyild1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 20:18:52 UTC 2008


Well i cant seem to find a good answer, or maybe I'm not reading closely so
ill post here.  Heres the situation:

I have a currently up and running mythbackend and multiple frontends on my
local network.  In my house, my roomate upstairs has his network setup, and
i have another setup.  I would like to have a frontend on his network
connect to one on mine.

The network is split like this:  We have a 2wire DSL modem/router serving 2
internal 172.*.*.* addys to each of our routers(I have a dlink and he has a
Linksys).  Now am i correct to assume that with the proper port forwarding
on the dlink, the frontend on his network can point to my routers 172.*.*.*
address and connect to my backend?  If this is true, what ports do i need
open?  I know 6543 (i think lol im not at home) needs to be open, and
someone said something about mysql port, which i havnt found.

I have talked to him about one of us losing a network and going with a
switch instead, but neither of us feels like giving up out personal networks
if the above thinkin is correct.  So i put it out there to you!  Will this
work or should i be thinkin of migrating to one network?


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