[mythtv-users] Disable DPMS in mythbuntu

Joe Ripley vitaminjoe at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 22:41:51 UTC 2008

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 2:30 PM, finlay <finlay at moeraki.com> wrote:

> THanks for your reply. I think I wasn't clear in what I was trying to
> accomplish. I'd like to stop the mythfrontend from enabling and
> disabling DPMS. I can disable DPMS in xorg.conf or using xset -dpms but
> as soon as the mythfrontend starts up it enables DPMS and then starts
> enabling and disabling DPMS ignoring the xorg.conf settings, etc. Is
> this possible with 0.21 mythtv?

I think if you disable your screensaver and DPMS before Mythfrontend
starts, it won't bother with enabling/disabling them.  Just make sure
you do this prior to running mythfrontend:

xset s noblank
xset s off
xset -dpms

Myth is supposed to respect your DPMS setting:


To completely eliminate the DPMS enabling/disabling, you'd have to
modify the code...

Joe Ripley
vitaminjoe at gmail.com

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