[mythtv-users] No reception or EIT for Channel 5 in Essex

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 16:11:33 UTC 2008

> Sorry, chum, in the UK *all* Sat and TV aerials are designed to connect to
> 75 ohm feed, and everything following that is designed to match the 75 ohm
> standard. All filters, combiners, splitters, amplifiers, *everything*. Over
> this side of the pond we have standards which actually are followed, you
> know? UK != US.
> Mike Perkins
Why are you arguing with me?  This started because Peter said that
using a splitter presented a 37.5 ohm mismatch. That was wrong and I
was just trying to clear that up.  The only thing I missed was that
the antenna has the balun built in over there.  BFD.  That doesn't
make the antennas 75 ohms, just the connection to them.  Nothing I
said is incorrect, except for my spelling of balun.

You are free to ignore my advice.


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