[mythtv-users] Random up or down ir signal received on hauppage pvr-150

Tim Shannon shannon.timothy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 14:04:34 UTC 2008

I'm using a Hauppage pvr 150 as my tv tuner, and i'm using the bundled
remote and ir receiver, as well as the blaster to change channels on my
directtv STB.  Randomly when watching tv or videos, the recording skips
forward or tries to change channels.

When I just watch the irsignals being picked up by the pvr, I see random
down and up buttons getting pressed.  This happens even if there are no
batteries in the remote or if the remote is under a pillow or in the next
room or something.  So I know for a fact it's not a faultly remote, or a
sticky key or something.  The ir reciever is actually receieving a signal,
or thinking it's recieving a signal.

Has anyone seen this before.  It's really annoying watching a show, then
have it skip to the end and have the entire episode ruined.
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