[mythtv-users] Channel Changing Trouble On New Build

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 02:57:46 UTC 2008

On 17/09/2008, Drew Tomlinson <drew at mykitchentable.net> wrote:
> I've been (mostly) successfully running MythTV since 0.17.  I am
>  currently using 0.21_p18116 from Gentoo's portage tree.  My kernel is
>  2.6.26.
>  I acquired a AMD X2 3800+ and associated motherboard with an Nvidia
>  chipset to replace my sluggish AMD XP 2800+ combo BE/FE.  The old box is
>  not running any Myth.  It's only up so that I may refer to it and gather
>  needed config files.I moved the pcHDTV 3000 card from my old box to my
>  new.  I also have a HDHR on the network.
>  I deleted all cards from all frontends and then re-added my cards on the
>  new box.  I have also run channel scans for all three cards and the
>  scanner finds the channels I expect.  In the setup, all cards defaulted
>  to starting on "3_1" which is ATSC channel 35.  Via "Watch Live TV" I
>  receive the current broadcast on 3_1 but channel changes don't work.  I
>  see the OSD tell me it's going to tune the next channel but nothing changes.
>  I've watched both the backend and frontend logs and am not finding any
>  clues there.  Any ideas on what I'm missing?

Choosing the 'Delete All' options for capture cards and video sources
is the best way to clear out your old settings.

Increase the verbosity of the backend log to include the channel and
record log options, and see if you get more useful output.

Have you specified a channel to tune to (rather than a valid starting
channel) as this can break channel changing?


Nick Morrott

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