[mythtv-users] Padding on Same Channel But Different Tuners

Xesdeeni xesdeeni2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 01:34:31 UTC 2008

I like padding before and after all my recordings, so I don't miss either end.  So, I have Utilities/Setup->Setup->TV Settings->General->General (Advanced)->Time to record before start/past end of show to 120.

But even though I have four tuners and only one might be in use, back-to-back shows on the same channel are assigned to the same tuner, with no padding.  This always seems to put part of one show on the other recording.  It's especially a pain when part of the second show is on the end of the first, so I miss it unless I watch them in order.

If there are other tuners available, I'd rather Myth schedule the two shows on different tuners.  Only when there are no more tuners should it assign back-to-back recordings on the same channel on the same tuner.

Is there a way to do this already, or is this a new feature request?



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