[mythtv-users] Volume control buttons on TiVo remote

Justin Johnson justin.johnson3 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 00:15:10 UTC 2008

That's a great suggestion, but when I tried it I still see the same 
behavior, the button is never repeated. Here is what the output of my 
irw looks like:
user at mythbox:~$ irw
0000000000000002 00 VOL_DOWN TiVo_Vol
0000000000000001 00 VOL_UP TiVo_Vol
0000000000000002 00 VOL_DOWN TiVo_Vol
0000000000000001 00 VOL_UP TiVo_Vol
00000000a10cf807 00 CH/PAGE_DOWN Tivo_S2
00000000a10cf807 01 CH/PAGE_DOWN Tivo_S2
00000000a10cf807 02 CH/PAGE_DOWN Tivo_S2
00000000a10cf807 03 CH/PAGE_DOWN Tivo_S2
00000000a10cf807 04 CH/PAGE_DOWN Tivo_S2
00000000a10cf807 05 CH/PAGE_DOWN Tivo_S2
00000000a10c7807 00 CH/PAGE_UP Tivo_S2
00000000a10c7807 01 CH/PAGE_UP Tivo_S2
00000000a10c7807 02 CH/PAGE_UP Tivo_S2
00000000a10c7807 03 CH/PAGE_UP Tivo_S2
00000000a10c7807 04 CH/PAGE_UP Tivo_S2

As you can see other buttons are repeated but the Volume buttons are not 
repeated. Any other suggestions?

--Justin Johnson

Tony Brummett wrote:
> On 9/15/08, Justin Johnson <justin.johnson3 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I'm using a TiVo remote control (actually a directv-tivo peanut remote)
>>  to control my myth system. It works great except for the volume. For
>>  some reason the repeat code is not recognized for volume up/down. While
>>  every other button will repeat, the volume up/down only work once per
>>  keypress
> I'm also using a Tivo remote, and you have to treat it as two remotes
> when you're getting the button press info with irrecord.  For the
> majority of the buttons, you can just use the Tivo button codes from
> the LIRC-supplied config files.  The other buttons that control the TV
> (power, input, volume up/down and mute) are really another remote.
> irrecord can get confused and fail to learn the codes correctly if you
> try to do it all in one session, if the tivo buttons and the tv
> buttons use different encoding schemes.
> What I had to do was first use irrecord to learn all the tivo-related
> buttons.  Then start irrecord a second time writing to another config
> file for the tv-related buttons.  Then cat the two files together to
> create the final  /etc/lircd.conf
> -- Tony  brummett at gmail.com
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