[mythtv-users] Cannot schedule recordings

R. Kannan rkannan at peoplepc.com
Sun Sep 14 17:13:00 UTC 2008

I went to 'mythtv-setup' after shutting down mythbackend and changed both local backend and master backend to the IP address of my laptop but still no joy.

BTW, I was able to schedule recording sometime in the past with these IPs set at I am not sure what I had changed since.

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>I have mythTV 0.21 installed on my laptop and using HD-Homerun network tuner. I can view TV fine and record live TV by pressing R but I am unable to schedule any recordings. When I go to "Manage Recordings->Scehdule Recordings -> Program Guide" and select the program, I used "Record only this showing" and "Save these settings". But the recordings is not scheduled. Also I find that when I go to "Manage Recordings->Scehdule Recordings ->Delete Recordings", it shows 0.0 % used 0.00 GB free. But I have 11 of  24GB available in the separate partition I have allotted for MythTV recordings.
>Any help is appreciated.
>Goto your backend setup and be sure both ip addresses are your lan ip. Not localhost or 

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